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TRIBUTE Capital Partners is a private investment firm focused on debt and equity investment opportunities in the Specialty Finance segment of the market.


About Tribute Capital Partners

Tribute Capital Partners (“Tribute”) is a Dallas based private investment firm, with expertise in specialty finance. Tribute and its predecessor have been actively investing and advising clients since 2009. It is through the well-established reputations, work ethic, extensive experience and dedicated staff that Tribute Capital Partners seeks to create value for its investors and clients.

Areas of Expertise


Tribute Capital Partners and its principals have extensive experience in specialty finance, with a special focus on loans subject to bankruptcy restructuring. We have developed a sophisticated platform to provide solutions to clients. Through bankrupt account purchases and/or account management, clients can immediately improve the performance of secured loans subject to bankruptcy proceedings. For those who wish to eliminate exposure to bankrupt accounts, Tribute has developed a proprietary approach to portfolio underwriting, which allows us to offer fast and competitive pricing as well as customized provisions for both bulk purchases and forward flow deals.


Tribute’s principals have extensive experience investing in commercial real estate. We continue to seek opportunistic debt and equity investment opportunities and to grow relationships with operating partners.

Bankrupt Account Servicing

On this program Tribute Capital Partners frees-up internal resources, cuts down on legal and court costs, eliminates additional staffing needs, and provides a team of experts in servicing bankrupt accounts.  Currently we have 17 clients participating on this program and we are servicing 40,000 accounts.

Let’s Work Together

Please contact us regarding your business and financial requirements to explore how Tribute Capital Partners can provide specific resources and benefits for your company.

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